We love Evelyn’s dog training services! We adopted a neglected/abused/inverted puppy from the SPCA in 2008. Just 6 months later we had a people-friendly, dog-aggressive Border Collie mix on our hands. After he attacked our Jack Russell THE SECOND TIME we knew something had to be done. We were upset and felt both helpless and hopeless when thankfully someone lead us to Evelyn. 6-8 weeks later, after weekly walks with her adult Pit Bull Amber, our Border Collie was and is able to run and play at the dog park without incidents and we are no longer fearful to leave him alone with our Jack Russell. Success! Thank you Evelyn and sweet girl Amber!
Clarissa & Chris Hoover of Broken Arrow.
Evelyn Coons and Pack Leader Dog Academy are a hidden gem for dog lovers in Tulsa and surrounding communities!   Evelyn has provided successful training for both my family and our mini schnauzer Ella.  In our sessions with Evelyn we learned many things including basic commands, leash walking, behavior modification techniques (for both the owner and dog!), walking on the treadmill and much more.  Evelyn has an immediate calming effect on any dog and they are very responsive to her instruction.  I would highly recommend Evelyn’s services for a new or current canine member of your family!  Lisa Kepford of Tulsa
A couple years ago we adopted a male Sheltie who had a much higher activity level than our Lab-mix female.  Aggression issues developed when our Lab was trying to assert her alpha status.  We were uncertain how to handle this and feared a serious confrontation.  I had obedience trained for years, but had never experienced growls in my pack like this.  After having some private sessions with Evelyn, it became very apparent the new dog was the one who was causing instability within the pack.  Our first dog was actually trying to balance out the new dog's behavior and our anxieties were adding to the situation.  Once we were able to determine this, the problems could addressed correctly.  We now have two very well-balanced dogs who happily co-exist.  We are also much better pack leaders.  I would highly recommend Evelyn Coons. C.J. Williams Owasso, OK