About Us
I have always been an animal lover my entire life. I have had all sorts of pets, Arabian horses, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, tropical fish, dogs & cats. In 2005 watching hurricane Katrina on the news. I decided I wanted to do something to help. Second Chance At Love at true no-kill dog shelter on the central coast of California took in 30 Katrina dogs. I started volunteering at the shelter. I volunteered for 3 years under Cheri Lucas the founder who has trained under Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer). I use Cesar's methods and customize them to your dog. I specialize in Pit Bulls. My husband and I have several pits, all rescue and have a local 501-C non-profit dog rescue. Over the last 5 years living in Bixby I have rehabilitated & saved the lives of hundreds of Tulsa local dogs.